Stop in and sign my Guest book!

Now that you’re here, why don’t you sign my guestbook?

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5 Responses to “Stop in and sign my Guest book!”

  1. Great site, keep up the good work. Cheers

  2. You’ve got some great photos here! 🙂
    Found your website randomly browsing around wordpress. I’m also doing project 365 now (started Jan 1st). It’s interesting so far! I love the idea of it.
    Take care, and keep blogging.


  3. Hi-I know I had never met you before but I have to thank you for the story you did for my wife-Karen. The night of the wake I did see you take some pictures at the table we had set up for Karen but I did not get a chance to thank you. The story you did was excellent and you showed more of Karen that I loved and knew for 23 years. This has been a hardship on myself and my family but inspiring words like yours have helped us to start the healing process. Again thanks again-Chuck Kilson

  4. We LOVED your posts! We started a new tradition on Sundays of quoting great comments from within the project –you inspired us! (

    Great I am looking forward to wandering around your blog!!

    and cannot wait to hear from you again —

  5. You are way too clever!

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