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I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens and despite the fact that I now live in Connecticut I think I will be a New Yorker for the rest of my life. I have an degree in Textile Design from FIT although I never worked in the field. I’ve been a teacher’s aide, graphic designer, production assistant, childbirth doula, and photographer. My husband and I own a Corporate Communications company and run a small photo Gallery here in Connecticut.

Project 365 is my attempt to capture my life before it gets away from me. The idea is to take at least one picture a day to both document those day to day events that tend to get forgotten and to challenge my creativity and ability to take good pictures.

Here is a  link to the Project 365 website where I got the idea. Project 365 is a fun challenge to see whether you have it in you to take a photo a day. Believe me — some days it’s easier than others. But it’s a very worthwhile endeavor and I highly encourage anyone with a camera to give it a try.

Also, feel free to add your comments on my site — just click the link that says comments at the top of any of my blog pages. I’d love to hear what you think of this site and my photos!

2 Responses to “Find out more about me”

  1. I had no idea how brilliant you are. You pics are absolutely sensational

  2. Thanks for your comment! The 365 idea is great…because I am out of control, I take up to 100 shots a day and end up posting too many…takes way too much time. I look forward to delving into your site.

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