Photo of the Day (Feeding the Critters at New Pond Farm)

On Saturdays Clare and I drive over to New Pond Farm and take care of the creepies and the crawlies. When my son (who is now 17 as of a few days ago) and I first started our homeschooling journey back when he was in the 6th grade, this was his job. Clare always wanted to help but Nick was pretty adamant that the responsibility was his and he wasn’t planning on sharing with his sister. Now Clare has taken over and she’s happy as a clam to be feeding crickets and worms to the assorted and sundry animals living in the Reptile room at the farm.  I tag along and help just so we aren’t there all afternoon. I am on salad duty, cutting veggies into bite sized pieces and tearing lettuce into bits for the turtles, iguanas and bearded dragons. The rest is up to Clare. She’s happily in her element, feeding and cleaning and loving each creature. Even the Tarantulas.

Today was an unusually warm day for January here in the Northeast. The temperatures reached into the 60s so the farm had plenty of visitors, many of whom made their way into the reptile room to visit and chat and ask questions. Clare said she liked it better when people came in to visit while we were working. It makes the time go faster and it’s fun sharing the little we know about the creatures we help care for.

Who would have thought that the best part of my day would be spent feeding baby food to a Gargoyle Gecko and serving salad to an Iguana?

~ by photobella on 7 January, 2012.

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