photo of the day (i ♥ pets)

The topic is pets over at i ♥ faces.  This is my rat terrier, Luath. I took this picture of him last winter but really, I think I could take a picture of him like that in any given season. That’s because every chance he gets, he runs outside, grabs his slightly deflated basketball (perfect for him to hold in his mouth) and stands under the tree behind the house, barking for someone to come out to play. If he’s lucky, he convinces someone (anyone!) to kick the ball as far across the yard as they can so he can run like the dickens to fetch it, bring it back, and bark until they do it again. This game brings him great joy and it makes me happy that something so simple as kicking a ball for my dog can be such fun for both of us.

I love my dog to pieces. He’s cute, engaging, annoying, loyal, funny and way too clever for his own good.

Now that you’ve stopped by and seen my submission, go and check out the other  submissions over at the  i ♥ faces website. Just remember, it’s pet week. Be prepared to say “OMG! How utterly adorable” an awful lot. While you are there, leave a comment on the images that move you. All the photographers will appreciate it greatly.

~ by photobella on 23 August, 2011.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (i ♥ pets)”

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Cute!

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