photo of the day (nobody here but us chickens)

Spring has sprung and at Holbrook Farm things are bustling and busy and full of life. I can now safely switch back from my winter foraging in the grocery store for something that looks remotely edible to the farm stand full of fresh, locally grown, organic produce. What a relief. I was in and out of the farm stand most of the winter but only for staples like raw milk, eggs, honey, bacon, peanut butter (yes, they roast their own) and sometimes a cookie or two if Farmer John could convince Lynn to turn on the oven and bake. Now there are greens, ramps, herbs and all sorts of wonderful and fresh things to eat. I am a happy camper.

Does anyone else hate grocery stores as much as I do? Yes, I am aware that most groceries carry organic produce these days but I feel so much better about buying food when I know who grew it and where it was grown. I tell Farmer John every year that if he would only carry soap and toilet paper, I could avoid the grocery store entirely. So far, he hasn’t taken me up on it.

Clare and I have been spending more at the farm time now that the weather is warm. Here is Clare visiting the chickens for a brief moment on her way back to the barn for her most  important mission of the day: visiting the 2 litters of kittens that were born in early spring.

There are 6 kittens altogether. Zinnia, who is the mother of our lovely calico, had 4 and her mother, Tiffany, had 2 sweet fluffy kittens in her litter. This little one is from Zinnia’s litter. They are all much bigger now but I haven’t had a chance for any more pictures since I took this one. Hopefully, I can get some pictures of them before they are all gone to their new homes.

That’s all for today. I have to get ready for my Friday yoga class and then the kids and I are heading up to a retreat with a group from our church. I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, doing yoga, getting inspired, taking pictures and getting to know some of my church family a little bit better.

~ by photobella on 6 May, 2011.

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