photo of the day (wolf talk)

Is this not the sweetest face? This is Denahe and he is a 5 year old Timber Wolf. He lives in Massachusetts with Michael Leblanc of Wolf Talk. Clare and I got to see him at New Pond Farm, an environmental education center and working farm located practically in our very own backyard. Unlike the other wolves at the Wolf Talk sanctuary, Denahe was raised in the house with the family. The rest reside outside and live much like any wolf pack would in the wild. Except for the hunting thing. They get their food delivered.

As much as Denahe looks like a sweet dog, he is 100 percent Wolf. My, what big teeth you have there.

While Michael stressed the fact that Denahe still retains much of his Wolf nature, it was sweet to see the relationship between he and Michael’s daughter.

In case you think you can just go out and get yourself a wolf as a pet, Michael stressed many things about wolves that make then very unsuitable as pets. For one, they are extremely scared of humans. It’s inherent in their nature. It is a lot of work to take a wolf cub and make it comfortable enough around people to be able to sit in a room full of us. As at ease as Denahe seems in these images, I could see him notice and react to every sudden movement. Michael also mentioned that wolves are not meant to be kept inside and can be quite destructive, as he had the misfortune to experience on many occasions.

Michael was an extremely animated speaker and his stories kept most of the audience (but for a few little ones) in rapt attention for the length of his presentation. My only disappointment was that we couldn’t get very close to Denahe because of some silly rabies regulations passed down by the State of Connecticut. Otherwise, we would have gotten in a pet or two. Wouldn’t you have liked to give Denahe a pat?

~ by photobella on 26 March, 2011.

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