photo of the day (sometimes I just don’t want to look outside)

Sometimes I just don’t even want to look out the window. It’s gray and cold and there is snow in the forecast. It’s hard to get anything done. I have no energy and really just want to pull the covers over my head and wake up in April. Late April.

When the winter seems to go on and on and I just can’t take it anymore, I go to the grocery store and buy flowers. I bought myself a bunch of yellow roses and put one in an old Coke bottle on my kitchen windowsill. I guess I wasn’t paying attention because all the water dried up and the rose dried up as well. It never drooped, like most flowers deprived of water do. Now it is preserved — still yellow, slightly fragrant but fragile. Still much more pleasing to look at than the neutral landscape outside.

~ by photobella on 23 March, 2011.

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