photo of the day (first day of spring in new england)

It was the first official day of Spring but you would never have known that if you drove up to Great Hollow with the kids and me. I heard snow was in the forecast but chose to ignore it. I ignored it as I sat at my computer and read my email in the morning before waking Nick and Clare up to get ready for coop. I pretended the large, white, fluffy flakes that were falling from the sky simply weren’t there. After all, they weren’t sticking to the ground so why bother acknowledging them? I paid them no attention while we got in the car and starting our drive north. But as we got further and further on our journey into New Fairfield and the landscape started looking much more like December than March, the snow became harder and harder to ignore. I had to concentrate on it because it was everywhere and it was making driving a little more than challenging.

It was then that I chose to embrace it. Give it a little respect. After all, Spring snow rarely lasts for long. I delivered the kids to the Merritt House where they would spend the day and I went outside and wandered the fields around Great Hollow long enough to take a few pictures before heading home.

As I drove out of the Great Hollow driveway with my radio tuned to my favorite station, WFUV, Prince was singing Sometimes it Snows in April,  then Ricki Lee Jones after that with Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.

I am glad I paid attention to the landscape and let the in beauty of this spring snow event. I pulled in to my slushy driveway and made my way into the house to work on photos and taxes for the rest of the day and by the time I picked my head up from my work to drive back to Great Hollow and retrieve the offspring, almost all the snow was gone. I stood outside briefly and felt the much milder air that had replaced the winter chill of the morning.

It seems that Spring will have to fight it’s way in this year.

~ by photobella on 22 March, 2011.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (first day of spring in new england)”

  1. These are beautiful scenes. We had so much this winter in New York also.

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