photo of the day (i ♥ cell phone images)

This week’s competition brought to you by the lovely ladies over at i ♥ faces is cell phone images. I took this one a couple of years ago. It was summer and my daughter was waiting for the bus to go to camp. She still looked like a little girl. She was wearing the chipped nail polish from our latest mani-pedis a few weeks before. As with most mornings, we were running late and she was eating her breakfast in the last few minutes before the bus was to arrive. I shot this image with my then brand new cell phone camera.

I had learned a very important lesson that summer. In my enthusiasm for kayaking while my son Nick was busy taking sailing lessons, I unconsciously brought my cell phone on the kayak without putting it into a protective plastic bag to keep it dry. So it got very wet. And never worked again. Ok, I didn’t know about the whole rice thing to dry out electronics back then. The husband and I went out to shop for a new cell phone. I would have loved an iphone but seriously, we didn’t want to have to add another data plan to our bill. I already had an ipod touch so I really didn’t need anything more than a phone. I thought about the features I needed and figured a camera would be nice. The helpful man at the AT&T store showed me the Sony Ericsson C905a. It’s a phone with an 8 megapixel camera. It can do internet and has a GPS and all that other stuff. But an 8 megapixel cell phone camera? Cool.

I rarely go out without my D300 and a lens or two. But it has happened that I either manage to forget my camera (really, not often) or simply don’t want to lug it around. It’s heavy. The extra lenses are heavy. I pretty much always have my cell phone with me. Did I mention that my cell phone has an 8 megapixel camera? You do know that the iphone only has 5 megapixels. Ok, so I don’t have the ability to add apps and edit my pictures on my phone. But I can upload my pictures easily to my computer  and my ipad and do my editing on a screen I can actually see. I’m pretty happy with my Sony Ericsson camera phone. My only gripe is the lens cover is a bit flimsy and seems easy to break. But other than that, with an extra memory card, it’s been a great little back-up camera.

That’s my story and my submission to the i ♥ faces competition for this week. Stop over at their website to see the other creative uses of a cell phone camera. If you see something you like, don’t forget to leave a comment for the photographers. It will be greatly appreciated.

~ by photobella on 22 February, 2011.

3 Responses to “photo of the day (i ♥ cell phone images)”

  1. Super cute! 🙂 Cellphone cameras tend to be very convenient.

  2. Beautiful girl– love the expression!

  3. She is so pretty. Love the memory you described. They grow up so fast!

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