photo of the day (an ordinary winter’s day)

Just an ordinary winter’s day. A day for sleeping in, doing errands, getting a bit of fresh air and playing in the snow. Clare and I headed out mid-morning to get some staples from the farm stand: milk, eggs, bacon, peanut butter. All things that we can get easily at the grocery store but that taste and feel better from Holbrook Farm. The milk is raw and fresh, the eggs are from the farm’s own chickens, the bacon is thickly sliced and smoked locally and the peanut butter is made on the farm as well. We chatted with Lynn in the chilly barn that isn’t so busy in the winter. Sometimes on our visits, there is no one there at all. We pick your items out and leave your money in a coffee can on the counter. The honor system.

We stopped at the library to drop off some books and pick up some new. Then it was off to the grocery store for the rest of the week’s shopping. In the spring, summer and fall, when the farmstand is stocked to the brim, I can almost get by with only rare trips to the grocery. I tell Farmer John that if he would carry toilet paper and paper towels and maybe a little soap, I would be able to avoid the grocery store entirely. He hasn’t taken me up on that quite yet.

After our errands were done and the food and assorted sundries put away, Clare and I donned our snow pants and headed out to the yard. I saw a video on the news of a greyhound dashing madly around a track that his owner had made in the deep snow. I had the idea to tramp out a similar path for Looby. This past snowstorm covered the old paths we had made and restricted him and us to the driveway once again. Tramping through snow that comes up to your knees in the shallow spots and mid-thigh in others is no easy task. We took turns as the leader with the more strenuous job of breaking ground. The one who followed behind had only to tamp down the snow in the foot falls of the leader – a little bit easier of the two jobs. Every once in a while we sat in a snowbank to rest. Once we caught our breath, we were off again. The result was a kind of a labyrinth; a path that led from the house into the yard, then wove in circles a bit before heading to the garage and joining up again with the path back to the house.

When we felt we could no longer lift a boot to take another step, we got a bowl from the house to collect a bit of clean snow and made ourselves a treat and reward for all our hard work: snow cream. I got the idea from my friend and herbalist, Ananda on her blog, Plant Journeys. You can read the recipe there but I will give you the quickie version here: a bowl of snow, some powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, vanilla and a sprinkling of black birch tincture to give the mix some herby goodness. An interesting concoction.

Then a nap, some knitting, dinner with the family and a decent movie (you know the kind — without a ton of gratuitous sex and violence) before heading to bed. All in all, just an ordinary day.

~ by photobella on 29 January, 2011.

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