photo of the day (a walk in the snowy woods)

We woke up this morning to about 3 or 4 inches more of fresh snow. I don’t think anyone was expecting it; I am almost not paying attention anymore. The only reason we have for caring is that when we are forewarned, we parked the cars in the driveway closer together and leave more room for the plow to do it’s work. Otherwise we have to clear most of the snow ourselves. This morning became a family shoveling event. The husband, Clare and I bundled up and went out to do the bulk of the work. Nick was slow to get out of bed and ended up finishing the job by himself. We were a bit peeved that he had not come out to join us so we left him the slushy mess that the town plows had left behind. Always my least favorite part of the job.

Then, the husband drove off to work and it was time for the kids and I to start our school day. It was a bit like pushing a chain up a hill to get them to focus. Nick fled upstairs to the his computer in the playroom. Clare and I decided to take a trek out to the unexplored world of the backyard. We pulled on snow pants, jackets, hats, gloves and boots and climbed out into the snow through the back door of the garage.

You know that expression, “trudging through the snow?” Well, when the snow is as deep as it is in our yard, trudging is about all you can do. With great effort we made our way into the woods and towards the cemetery that borders the back of our property. I had no idea that walking through that much snow could be so tiring. We stopped a few times along the way to catch our breath. Looby, our rat terrier, being much lighter than Clare and I, had much less of a problem getting around.

I know he was delighted to be outside and free to run around after being so confined as we were in the first week or two after the two feet of snow dumped by our second storm.

I know I have grumbled and complained about this winter’s weather and the abundance of white stuff that has fallen from the sky. But really, the woods around my house look magical blanketed in snow.

We made it to the cemetery and the dog ran about madly, most probably smelling the scent of the deer who take refuge there under the large hemlock trees.

I didn’t walk too far in this time. It felt wrong to be trampling on the snow covering the fallen headstones that are visible when the ground is bare. I snapped a few pictures and we headed back through the woods towards home.

There is more snow headed our way tomorrow and I have errands to run before I’m snowed in yet again. I think we are looking at our 6th snow event and it is still January. Dang.

~ by photobella on 25 January, 2011.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (a walk in the snowy woods)”

  1. Lucky Looby! But I hope you don’t get more snow. (Even if it is incredibly beautiful in the photos!)

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