photo of the day (bird watching)

I had been listening to the weather forecasters on tv and decided in my head that today was going to be Too Cold To Go Outside Day. So I made no plans to do so. Instead I spent my time catching up on blog posts and cleaning the house for The Return of The Men from their journey West and my boy’s first real work experience with Dad.

I wanted to take more pictures of my irises but they are already dead. The house isn’t clean yet so no pictures of that either. So I turned my attention to the Cat who was focused on her favorite activity: bird watching. I inadvertently made this a much more exciting thing to do after the several snow storms we’ve had when I spread bird seed on the patio right in front of her place in the window. Note the look of intent in her eyes. The birds are so close and yet so far. Despite the fact that she is now an indoor kitty, Cookie is descended from a long line of barn cats who spent their lives hunting, killing and eating small critters and birds on the farm. I took her from her mother a little bit earlier so that she wouldn’t be as well versed in the ways of the barn cat and maybe give my cockatiel a chance to live. But deep down inside Cookie is the barn cat she could have been. I can see it in her face as she watches the birds. Do I detect a bit of drool on her lips?

And that is the level of excitement around here today. Now back to our (ir)regularly scheduled house cleaning.

~ by photobella on 22 January, 2011.

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