photo of the day (rose infused vinegar and other ramblings)

After the previous day’s nasty weather, today turned out to be pretty nice. I wish I had had time to take more pictures. Then, instead of my latest rose experiment, you would see images of my first venture out into the backyard since the snowfall that left us with 2 feet on top of the foot or so we already had from the previous storm.

I had been feeling badly because I couldn’t make it out to the yard to fill the bird feeder. I even had gone so far as to take a bucket of sunflower hearts and dump them on the patio from my upstairs window so there would be something for the birds to eat. What I ended up with was a huge gathering of fat squirrels, eating seeds and tormenting the dog.

Today, I decided to put on a pair of snow pants to see just how far I’d sink into the snow and if I could walk into the backyard without ending up hip deep and unable to move. The main obstacles were the snow piles from all the shoveling and plowing that prevented access to the yard from the driveway. The back screen doors to the patio open out and are blocked by crusted snow drifts. The only potential access into the yard was from the side door across from my garden. I shoveled off the landing and stepped out into the snow that completely covered the stairs. I sank into it but only up to my knees. Carrying a couple of buckets of birdseed, I cautiously stepped my way to the backyard. Looby, our rat terrier, came with me. He didn’t make a dent in the crust that had formed on top of the snow and slipped and slid alongside me as we made our way into the yard. I made it to the bird feeder without losing my boots or sinking too deep. I think Looby was ecstatic at being outside and not confined to the driveway. I stayed out by the feeders and watched him run, slip and slide around and then made it carefully back to the house by stepping in the path I had made on my way out. Mission Accomplished.

It was cold but not frigid when I drove to the barn. The sun was shining and the snow sparkled. Clare will not ride in the cold but I really don’t mind it at all. I have a good pair of winter riding pants and a warm pair of riding boots. I have a warm and fuzzy helmet cover to keep my ears warm. The indoor arena is a bit warmer than the outside air and provides shelter from the wind. I warm up a bit after grooming and tacking and then, with a productive ride, I can even work up a bit of a sweat. I am making progress in my riding and that makes me proud. Today, we mostly worked on some challenging seat work. In the cold weather it’s important not to have the horses work up too much of a sweat and then have to go back outside so we kept the trot work to a minimum. It was a good ride.

I would have loved to have more time at the barn to take some pictures but I had to dash home and pick up Clare and get her to choir practice. I’d love to have her come to the barn with me like she does in the warm weather but it’s pretty darn cold if you aren’t riding or moving around.

So that’s pretty much it. If you are interested in my latest rose concoction, it’s rose infused vinegar. I filled an old honey jar halfway with rose petals and then covered them with organic apple cider vinegar. Here’s Kiva Rose’s post on the benefits of this infusion. I love the way the rose petals have turned the vinegar a pretty ruby red color. Every now and then I open the jar and take a whiff of the pungent, rosy aroma. It’s got another month or so to cook and I can’t wait to try it out.

Can you believe there is more snow in the forecast for tonight?

~ by photobella on 20 January, 2011.

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