photo of the day (irises take my mind off winter and other things)

I like to buy flowers in the winter. Having them in the house gives me something to take pictures of that isn’t the snow outside. I picked up these irises at Trader Joe’s the other day when Clare and I were stocking up for another storm.

It wasn’t one of those storms with the soft, fluffy snow that looks so lovely in the morning light. You know, the kind that makes you grab the camera because everything looks so magical covered in white? Well, with this one,  everything was snow covered very early on but then it all turned to ice. I think I made it out to shovel before it was impossible to clear. Then Clare and I decided to stay put. The roads were slippery, schools were closed and there really wasn’t anyplace we had to be.

I took pictures of my irises and Clare started work on a new blog project. She’s going to post her favorite smoothie recipes. I’m helping her with the pictures. We can do this because we finally have a new blender. Ours died a long time ago and we have been supporting our smoothie habit with the help of a hand blender. But that is a very unsatisfying and messy way of making smoothies. I didn’t expect the blender to show up (thank you, and Peter, our trusty UPS delivery man!) until tomorrow so it was a pleasant surprise to find them at the back door, delivered a day early despite the icy road conditions.

Tomorrow promises to be snow free and mild and I think I may even make it to my riding lessons. That gives me something to look forward to after another day stuck in the house.

~ by photobella on 19 January, 2011.

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