photo of the day (everything’s coming up roses)

My friend Ananda, who is a young and very wise woman, turned me on to the magical properties of her Rose Elixir. It is truly heaven in a bottle (matched only by her Peach Elixir but that’s another story.) I could wax poetic about this miraculous brew but Kiva Rose has done that already and so well right here. I am in love with Ananda’s Rose Elixir and while I’m sure she would be happy to keep me in supply, I started to think about maybe trying to make my own (you know, that whole “teach me to fish” thing.) So I put in an order to Mountain Rose Herbals and they delivered me a bag of some lovely, pink organic rose petals of my own. Kiva Rose has a recipe for this elixir on her blog and I adapted that with some guidance from Ananda. Here’s what I did:

First, I filled my jar with my dried rose petals, one third full. If you are using fresh petals, you would fill the jar to the top. But it is winter here and no fresh rose petals to be found. Just wanted to mention here that you should only use organic roses. Don’t be going to the grocery store or florist and picking up a dozen roses to use. Those were probably dipped in pesticides and that would not make for a good elixir.

Next, I filled the jar three quarters of the way with brandy. Kiva Rose mentions that you should use a decent brandy, not a cheap one as the flavor of your elixir will reflect the flavor of the brandy.

Finally, I added enough honey to fill the jar. (Sorry about the focus in this last picture. I guess I wasn’t paying as much attention to my photography as I was to my elixir brewing. And I forgot to add a border when I edited. Tsk, tsk.)  Now I let the elixir brew for 4 to 6 weeks until it is done when finally, I can strain it and it’s ready to use. I am wondering how I am ever going to wait that long.

Did I mention that when I ordered my rose petals I wasn’t sure just how much 8 ounces was going to be? Well, I had a feeling (good thing I didn’t order a full pound) that it was going to be more than I really needed for my first venture into elixir brewing. And I was right. Turns out that 8 ounces of rose petals is a lot of rose petals. What to do with the rest?

How about some rose infused honey? I got the idea from Mountain Rose Herbals in this video. I am ordering some lavender flowers today so I can try their lavender infused version.

And how about some rose infused simple syrup? Sorry for not having a picture of the final product. It is a lovely ruby red color. It was late when I cooled it down and put it in a jar so no good light to show off the color. I wish you could have smelled what my house smelled like while the simple syrup was simmering on the stove. The scent filled the air and wafted up the staircase with it’s heady aroma. It was almost intoxicating. I just had to try some right away. Rose infused simple syrup was divine in a cup of warm milk. I would love it if someone would come over and join me in a glass or two of rose infused simple syrup in Prosecco.

I am hoping that my journey into brewing flower elixirs will take me through the rest of the winter. I wonder what magic I can elicit out of some dried violets or honeysuckle blossoms. I will keep you posted so stayed tuned.

~ by photobella on 16 January, 2011.

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