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Usually, the day after it snows, I do everything in my power to avoid cleaning off the car or shoveling the driveway. I pretend I’m snowed in and there’s no way I can leave the house because I’m trapped by eighty-gazillion feet of snow. I turn on the fireplace, make sure there is plenty of bird seed in the feeder and then just stay inside. But today, I had to go out. We were out of dog food for poor Lili and almost out of eggs, raw milk, bread and even out of bird seed. Plus, we had been in the house for too long and I needed to get out. So I bundled up and trudged outside, attacked the deep pile of slush left by the plows and cleaned off my car before anyone else even had their boots on. The men left for the store and Clare and I headed off to the vet, the farm stand and on into Ridgefield.

I have been meaning to stop into Ross’ Bakery for some time now but I never manage to get there when they are open so I made them first on my list. Clare needs to take some lunch with her on a field trip with her Neighboring Faiths class from our Unitarian Church and we were out of sandwich bread. I’ve gotten Ross’ bread at the supermarket but never been to the actual bakery. Turns out they have a café as well so we decided to stay and have a bite to eat.  Now, Ross’ Bakery is officially on my list of favorite places to go for lunch when I’m out and about.

After sandwiches, a hot drink and picking up a loaf of bread, Clare and I didn’t really have anything we needed to do so we parked the car, walked up and down Main Street and visited some of our favorite shops. On the list was Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shop, Books on the Common, Turkey Ridge Gifts and the Silver Lining Consignment store. We didn’t buy much besides a sweet or two at Deborah Ann’s and a book I had ordered before the holidays and hadn’t had a chance to pick up. By then, it was late afternoon, so we headed home to relax and sit by the fire until it was time to make dinner. Not a bad way to spend a winter’s day, I’d say.

~ by photobella on 8 January, 2011.

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