photo of the day (this is halloween)

In all the years we’ve lived in our house, we’ve never gotten any trick or treaters. Ok, so one year, the neighbor kids from across the street drove over (they phoned first to make sure we were home) but really, that was it. We live on a busy road and no one in their right mind would risk their lives to walk up and down the hill just to collect a little candy. So we’ve always had to go out in search of Halloween fun.

For many years, we headed to Norwalk and trick or treated at my BFF Stef’s condo development. This year, Stef is working in Florida for a couple of months (I miss you like crazy, baby!) so we opted for Main Street in Newtown. The residents of Main Street really know how to throw a Halloween party and literally thousands of people show up for the fun. Nick’s friends, Zephyr and Peter, joined in and so did Molly, her dad and sister, Bing.  You can see the teen crew in the first picture. I made them a little more scary than they were in real life (thanks, Picnik!) but really, only a little.

On Halloween, our friend Saba and her husband, Joe, open up their Main Street home to friends, family, friends of friends and friends of family. The only requirement is that you bring a donation of candy to give out (hey, it’s costly to be handing out candy on Halloween night, especially considering that last year they counted 3,000 trick or treaters at their door!) some food to share or that you give a little of your time giving out candy and counting the number of  ghosties and ghoulies who stop by for a treat.

The fun part of going to Main Street is that almost every home is open and decorated for the occasion. Some have a few scary pumpkins and lights but many others are downright theme parks, leading you through a maze of costumed characters and terrifying props before you finally get your goodies at the end.

Having Saba and Joe’s house as home base is the biggest part of the treat if you ask me. It was filled to the bursting with food and friends.

After everyone had walked up and down the street, knocked on all the open doors and collected enough candy to satisfy their sweet teeth, inspected everyone else’s haul and traded to their satisfaction, we headed home. It seemed to me that this year was less about the candy and more about the camaraderie and the fun. The small amount of treats were gone in a few days (we’ve had Halloweens when my kids were still eating from their candy bags until Thanksgiving) but I know the memories will last much longer.

~ by photobella on 31 October, 2010.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (this is halloween)”

  1. awesome pix. Lov what you do. xoxo

  2. I love you too sweetie and miss you so much. I feel like I’ve been gone for a hundred years. Your pics are great which makes me miss you even more. I never seem to be able to join you in any activity with the kids. This winter we will have to change that!!!! Home in one month babe. xoxoxoxox

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