photo of the day (they might be giants)

I met my husband at a They Might Be Giants concert. It was back in 1987 when they were just starting out. John Linnell ran the stat camera for the company where a friend of mine worked as the receptionist. TMBG was having it’s first New York club appearance (Bottom Line? Village Gate? Why can’t I remember?) and my friend invited me to join her at the cocktail party prior to the event.

I climbed a flight of stairs up to the Soho loft where the party was being held and there was my future husband (he was the General Manager of the company at the time and my friend’s boss) standing at the hors d’oeuvres table. Our eyes met and the rest is history.

When I found out that TMBG were to be playing practically in our backyard, I bought tickets for us and invited a couple of Nick’s friends to join us for good measure. That’s the back of their heads. I figured I’d get them seats in another row so as not to be seen too close to the parental units. Even if we are cool enough to have met at a TMBG concert. We are still parents, after all.

Great concert even though the sound could have used a bit of tweaking. Ok. A lot of tweaking. Way too loud for such a small and intimate venue. At least for my taste. But still tons of fun. The kind that gets you up on your feet for most of the concert.

Thanks, John and John, for a fun evening. And for bringing my husband and I together even if you didn’t know it.

~ by photobella on 30 October, 2010.

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