photo of the day (i heart shades)

It’s been several weeks since I have submitted something to the i ♥ faces website. This week the subject is shades and I have my favorite photo of my cousin’s beautiful daughter from a Father’s Day get together back in June. There’s so much I like about this image — the colors, the reflection in her awesome aviators, the color of her braces, her smile and the way the pool water was frozen in time. It’s a fun shot (if I don’t say so myself!)

Now that you’ve seen my entry, head on over to the i ♥ faces website for more! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook, too!

~ by photobella on 16 August, 2010.

5 Responses to “photo of the day (i heart shades)”

  1. I noticed those frozen water droplets immediately. Great work! The colors are wonderful and the smile is so authentic and happy.

  2. Cool shot, love how you captured the water splashing!

  3. You’re right. There is a lot to love about this image! She is having a blast, the colors are vibrant and clear, and the reflection is great!

  4. hehe so cute!

  5. Great summer shot!

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