photo of the day (we went to the beach)

Thanks to Uncle Joe and Aunt Denise, we had a lovely vacation at the Jersey Shore. Uncle Joe and Aunt Denise were gracious enough to let us stay at one of their three houses in Point Pleasant and if that wasn’t wonderful enough, it was the one directly on the beach. So when we opened the back door and walked out onto the deck, this is the view that we saw:

Not bad, huh?

This is how far we had to walk to get onto the beach.

This is what the path looked like with the sun coming up in the morning (that would be about 5:35 am, in case you were wondering.)

I woke up before the sun every day we were there. Sleeping in seemed like a wasteful thing to do considering our time at the shore was so short.

The fisherman own the beach until it’s time for the regular beach crowd to show up.

There was lots to do while at the shore. We watched the neighbors flying kites.

Clare and Zki flew a kite. You can’t see the kite because it was so high in the sky. Great kite flying, Clare!

One morning, after taking pictures at dawn, we walked to the boardwalk to see what was there.

The rides weren’t opened yet but there were plenty of people walking and running on the boardwalk.

It looked like so much fun, we decided to come back again at night.

It reminded me of my time growing up in Rockaway. I spent my childhood at the beach and on the boardwalk.

The rides looked so pretty all lit up against the setting sun.

Despite the heat, we kept our cool by frequent dips in the ocean.

On our last full day Zki and I celebrated our 2oth wedding anniversary with a lobster dinner overlooking the water. It was perfect.

Nick turned on the firepit and we had s’mores as the sun went down. Clare and I walked down to the water and then sat under the stars and at toasted marshmallows until it was time for bed. That comes early when you get up at 5 am.

On the day we had to leave it was raining and overcast when I woke up to see the sunrise. I started to pack and then Clare and I took one last walk on the beach.

We passed a woman doing Yoga on the sand,

a very pregnant woman warming her baby belly in the sun,

a seagull having breakfast by the water.

We got back to the house in time to watch the lifeguards getting ready for another day. But we couldn’t stay. Time to go home. We were sad to leave but hopeful that one day we’ll get to visit again.

Thanks, Joe and Denise!

If you are interested in renting Jersey Dunes or any of the other lovely shore homes click here!

~ by photobella on 8 July, 2010.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That sounds (and looks!) wonderful. The pictures are exactly what I imagine a beach on the east coast to look like. I love the fences and the boardwalk and the umbrellas all lined up in a row. 🙂

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