photo of the day

After my yoga class this morning, I decided to head out to the barn and see if I could work on this week’s assignment for an online photo course I am taking through the Equine Photographer’s Network. I wanted to get out into the pasture with my long lens and work on some aperture priority shots as well as reduce distortion in my images (you know, when the horse’s head is larger than his butt.) So, I asked permission to wander around with the boys for a while.

Well, it was hot and the boys were pretty well ignoring me most of the time. And turning their backs on me. So I got a lot of butt shots. But really, the idea was to take my camera off of program (yes, I admit it. I’m lazy like that sometimes.) After a while, a few of them came over to check me out but after a couple of sniffs that determined I didn’t have treats on me, they went back to their grazing.

I came home and looked at what I shot and realized that I haven’t really fulfilled the assignment yet so I’m going to have to go back and shoot some more. Nothing I can’t handle. Any excuse I can use to spend time at the barn works fine for me.

~ by photobella on 29 June, 2010.

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