photo of the day ( i heart play)

Yes, folks! It’s that time again. Time for the weekly i ♥ faces challenge. This week the topic is play. I didn’t think there could be so many interpretations of the word “play” but as I thought about it, I realized I had a lot of leeway in choosing a picture for this challenge. I looked over my images and finally decided to go with this one. It’s Roger Sprung, banjo picker and bluegrass player extraordinaire. I took that picture at the Waldorf School my kids attended before we decided to try homeschooling. Roger’s daughter also attended the school and from time to time he would gift us with his music. Roger is a kind man and a talented musician.

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~ by photobella on 8 June, 2010.

2 Responses to “photo of the day ( i heart play)”

  1. I love when people think outside the box!! I’m rarely in there 🙂

  2. what an amazing capture; everything from the expression on his face to the slight angle of his hat, this is a fantastic photo. ♥

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