photo of the day (r.e. sunday)

R.E. Sunday has to be one of my favorite events at our Unitarian Church. Clare is in the Youth Choir and they performed at today’s service.

All the children marched in a parade into the sanctuary. Clare’s class studied stories of the Old and the New Testaments and so they made masks to represent animals that could have been on Noah’s Ark.

Clare’s mask was a Husky dog.

Yes, that is my son, Nick, leading the Youth group and carrying a picture of the chalice. I didn’t even ask him how he got to lead the parade. I’m sure it wasn’t his idea.

The service was lead by the children and their advisors. That’s Perry, our Director of RE extraordinaire.

Here are some of the members of the Youth group standing to the side during the Bridge ceremony, which honors the graduating seniors.

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of one of the girl’s shoes. Aren’t they cute?

Each of the seniors spoke about how much the church had meant to them over the years and how much they appreciated the others in their Youth Group. They spoke of the support, caring and acceptance they felt from their Youth group friends.

There were plenty of tears and hugs.

And then they passed ceremoniously under a Chuppa and onto the next stage in their lives: being an adult member of our UU community. It was a beautiful service. One that reminded me why I decided to write my name in the book and declare myself a member way back when, when Nick was a toddler. Now he’s in Youth Group (although reluctantly) and I still believe that it will be an important part of his and Clare’s growing up. He may not thank me for it yet, but someday, I know he will.

~ by photobella on 6 June, 2010.

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