photo of the day (musical theater)

First of all, I need to get this off my chest and apologize for being such a very, very bad blogger. It’s not like I haven’t been taking pictures pretty much every day since my last post back at the end of May — it’s just that I’ve been way too busy to sit down and write. And every time I have a minute when I think I could possibly write a little something, my blogging mojo is nowhere to be found. I know you all understand. And I appreciate that but still . . . here’s my apology and I hope you accept it. And now in order to get somewhat caught up, I’m starting with this weekend, working a bit bass ackwards and adding posts as I can. So, without further ado, here goes:

My daughter Clare met her best friend, Danielle at a Musical Theater class at the Enchanted Garden Studio in Ridgefield, CT. The Enchanted Garden is run by Judy Hirt-Manheimer and her family. We’ve known Judy, Noah, Isaac, Mimi and dad, Aaron since my 15 year old son was just 18 months old. Back then, Judy was running Mommy and Me programs through the Ridgefield Parks and Rec. Now, she has two locations and most of the children this area learn how to dance, sing, play an instrument, act and just generally appreciate music and the arts under the tutelage of Judy and her family and staff.

When Clare and Dani started taking the class (gosh, I think it was 3 years ago!) neither one of them knew anyone else in the class. Clare decided she was going to go up to someone and say hi. This someone turned out to be Danielle. The two of them clicked and they’ve been friends ever since. Did I mention the fact that they have the same birthday? Yes, birthday twins; born on the very same day.

The girls are pretty firmly joined at the hip and that’s all right by me. Danielle goes to a local private school and, as you may already know, Clare is homeschooled. They don’t see each other every day of the week as they would if they were in the same class but  they manage, thanks to the help of Skype, to video chat almost every day. In fact, when Dani and her mom were on vacation in Mexico, Dani brought Clare to dinner via her laptop and the waiter asked Clare if she wanted some guacamole!

Don’t these girls look like they are enjoying themselves immensely? Their teacher, Chris Smalley, brings out the best in them. Even if they always seem to give him an incredibly hard time.

My only criticism of the event was that they left the curtain open and so the performers were all backlit. Nice for atmosphere but not so great for pictures or videos. And it was too short. And a little late. Ok, a lot late. But other than that, the girls did great and had fun.

After the performance, Dani’s mom and I took the girls out to lunch. We ate at the Station House restaurant in Redding. At least it used to be the Station House. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s even called any more — it’s changed hands several times since we started going there. But it was pleasant enough to sit outside in the shade of the porch and chat for a bit while the girls giggled.

The train to South Norwalk passed through and Clare did what she had been doing since she was old enough to walk: run over to the end of the porch and watch the train go by. Of course, this time it was accompanied by frantic and frenetic waving.

After lunch, the girls didn’t want to separate so Clare ended up going over to Danielle’s house. I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my room. Man, it was messy. I contemplated taking pictures but it’s not that clean. Not yet anyway.

Clare has another performance tomorrow, this one’s at Church.  There’ll be pictures of that in another post.

~ by photobella on 5 June, 2010.

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