photo of the day (new pond farm may fair)

It’s been a few years since we’ve made it over to New Pond Farm for their annual May Fair. Weekends in May are usually chock full of events all competing with each other for the same time slots. So we’ve had to pick and choose and sadly, New Pond’s event was put on the back burner so we could tend to other obligations. This year, there was nothing to keep us from attending and so, despite the fact that the house is a mess and I’m running out of undies and towels, Clare and I headed over to the farm to see what we could see.

Over the past few months, Clare has been busily working on a pet project of hers: making fursuits. Now, just so you know, I’m not completely on board with this fursuit stuff. For one thing, it has a bad rap in some circles. For another thing, while Clare delights in showing me images of the fursuits of more accomplished “furries,” I still can’t get over the fact that people will walk out in public in costumes that look like team mascots gone awry. Clare knows how I feel but she also knows that I will support her as long as I feel like she’s pursuing this as a creative endeavor and not slipping over the edge and being strange just for the sake of being different. So it was with great trepidation when she announced that she wanted to wear her costume to the May Fair, I said, fine.

Clare told me how excited she was to be out on her first “furry” adventure. She told me she anticipated many young children wanting to have their picture taken with “Dizzy,” the dragon she had created for a costume party we were attending. I had my reservations but kept my feelings to myself.

And guess what? Well, you have seen the above pictures and so you know, Clare was right. Lots of little ones wanted to have their pictures taken with Dizzy. Dizzy, it seems, was a big hit. Go, Clare.

After Dizzy’s warm reception (she did scare the pants off of Piper, the girl who lives across the street from us, who screamed until I whispered in her ear that the dragon was Clare) I could relax and turn my attention to the festivities.

There were crafts to make and to buy, music by the very talented and beautiful Lisa Furman and her lovely daughter Thalia, sheep sheering demonstrations, sheep dog demonstrations, hayrides and so much more.

New Pond Farm has been a huge part of our lives for many years. We have been attending events, classes and just visiting the farm since Nick was just a little shaver. I can’t imagine life without New Pond and the wonderful staff who work so hard to make it the amazing resource that it has become.

The raptor demonstration with Master Falconer, Bryan Bradley, was amazing. I have seen others bring birds of prey to the farm but Bryan’s presentation was by far the best I’ve seen. The respect he had for his birds really shone through and his talk was informative and engaging. All I can say is, Bryan, you need a website, a Facebook page, something so that so I can put a link in to show people who you are, what you do and how well you do it.

He started small with this cute little owl . . .

. . . brought out another owl or two

and then brought out the big guy.

My favorite part of the demonstration was watching the birds work in the field. Breathtaking.

As we always do, Clare and I had such a lovely time at New Pond. I met many people I hadn’t seen in a long time and felt reconnected and part of a community. So the laundry didn’t get done and there were still dishes in the sink when I got home. There will be time for that. But the important things like spending the day with your daughter in a dragon suit. Priceless.

~ by photobella on 16 May, 2010.

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  1. Such great photos! It’s a pleasure visit your blog!

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