photo of the day (we visit the met museum)

Thanks to a very resourceful homeschooling mom in our community my kids have had the opportunity to take an art history class with a fabulous teacher who also works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the last class of the session, we all met at the museum so the kids could see in person the art they’d been talking about throughout the year.

We took the train in because although I am in a car every single day, I’m not a city driver at all.  I will default to taking the train pretty much every time (even though these days it seems cheaper to find a place to park for the day.) I like the idea that at the end of a long day of walking in NYC, I get to sit down and maybe even take a nap for a bit while someone else drives me home.

Although we didn’t have to be at the museum until after lunch, we had made arrangements to pick up Nick’s friend at his apartment in the city and bring him home to spend the weekend with us here in Connecticut. So the first part of our NYC adventure was to walk over and pick him up before we headed over to the Met. We decided it would be a better idea to have lunch before we got to the museum (I was thinking of those museum prices for food) and Zephyr’s apartment is conveniently located just a half block away from one of my fave places to eat, Le Pain Quotidien. There are a few scattered around Paris but I didn’t get to any of those. I have heard that there are one or two in Connecticut but they are a bit far away for me to just mosey over for a bite of lunch. I’ve been to the one on the west side of Manhattan near the park a couple of times. The food is lovely, the bread is fabulous.

This is my smoked salmon salad with arugula and beets. Yummo. And very low in calories (which are conveniently printed on the menu.)

We didn’t stay for dessert but here’s a glimpse of the pastry case that I shot as we were heading out the door. Can you believe I got reprimanded for taking pictures of the pastries? Obviously, by someone who does not understand the power of the positive blog post.

My kids were in 2 different classes for their art history due to age groupings so when we met at the museum, Clare’s group got to take their tour first.

I took the boys and we wandered around for the hour or so that we had until it was Nick’s turn to go. The end result for me was that there wasn’t enough time to see  one particular exhibit in any depth.

The boys and I walked through the Greek and Roman sculptures and I tried to get my bearings to figure out what was worth seeing in the short amount of time we had until I had to return and pick up Clare and drop Nick off for his tour.

We spent too much time looking for the cafeteria so we could get something to drink. The boys both got soda but I was thinking fizzy water would be nice. Would you believe $4.25 for a small bottle of Pelligrino water? Seriously? I ended up picking out (on Zephyr’s recommendation) a bottle of Ito tea. I had the Jasmine Green and it was lovely. If you ever see some, try it. I think you’ll like it.

After too much time in the cafeteria, drinking our beverages and playing PvZ (that’s Plants vs Zombies for those of you without an iPhone or an iPod or similar device,) we headed over to the Egyptian Wing and wandered through the Temple of Dendur.

This is some graffiti from the 1800s.

Before I knew it, it was time to go meet Clare and make the switch.

Clare really enjoyed her tour and wanted to show me some of the things she had seen. She was particularly impressed with the Panorama of the Palace of Versailles and wanted me to see that first but she couldn’t quite remember how to get there (I’m not surprised, the museum is huge.) Finally, we found it and she pointed out her favorite parts of the enormous painting that covered the walls of a large, oval room. She said it reminded her of L’Orangerie in Paris where Monet’s waterlilies were wrapped around the walls of a similar oval shaped room.

We also were limited in time by the length of Nick’s tour so we meandered through the American Wing and looked at Period rooms, paintings and furniture. Then we had some tea and a snack before we had to pick up the boys.

I have to admit being a bit disappointed in Nick’s reaction to the Museum experience. “What did you see?” “Some paintings.” He seemed much more tuned in to his PvZ game than the riches before him in the museum. Oh well.

We took a quick look in the gift store before I decided that we had looked at enough stuff and it was time to grab a cab over to Grand Central and head home. We had enough time to grab an ice cream and find a train that had plenty of seats (a not so easy task at 5 pm on a Friday evening.) I had a lovely nap on the way home, got the kids and the dogs settled in, prepared myself for the fact that the boys would be up all night and then sleep in most of the next day, watched a tv show on my new iPad (I don’t care what anyone says, I love mine!) and then fell blissfully to sleep.

~ by photobella on 15 May, 2010.

One Response to “photo of the day (we visit the met museum)”

  1. Love the post. Fun to read another mom’s experience doing the same exact activity. I plan to blog it too on another day.

    I asked my 12 year old son about the class. He said, “We saw in real life the stuff the teacher showed us on slides in the classes we took all year.” That was the entire summary of the class part of the day.

    My sons had the most fun being with friends especially in the cafeteria eating lunch. That’s not too different than what their school-friends tell me “lunch and recess are my two favorite subjects at school”.

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