photo of the day (we are vaulting again!)

Sunday was Clare and my first day back at vaulting lessons since the winter. There was a class last week but it was cold and rainy and nasty and not the kind of weather I wanted to go running around barefoot at the barn. Plus, I couldn’t wrap my mind around vaulting just quite yet. But this Sunday was warm and sunny and there wasn’t any excuse I could come up with not to go. Not that I didn’t look for an excuse or two.

I have to admit to being a big chicken much of the time so it still makes my stomach tie up in a knot when I think about standing on the back of a moving horse. I mean, it’s one thing for the girls. Look at Adriana. She’s a feather. She has no fear. She still has her balance. Me, on the other hand, am no feather. Not much balance either. And a healthy dose of fear.

So why the heck do I do it, you ask? Well, because once I’m up there (believe me, getting up is a feat in and of itself) and I’m busting a move or two (can you tell I’m getting cocky here? Nothing I do even comes close to “busting.”) I feel pretty good. And I want to do it some more.

For me, the best part of the lesson was when we cantered and trotted a bit. That’s when I realized how far I have come in terms of my balance in riding. I managed a pretty decent sitting trot if I don’t say so myself.

Riding with no saddle or stirrup really rocks. And cantering is just the best. I’m not cantering in my lessons yet (but I think I’m getting close.) At least I get a taste of it in vaulting. Too bad it’s only once a week.

~ by photobella on 4 May, 2010.

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