photo of the day (we go back to the big city)

Detail of a chandelier in the Grand Central Market

My BFF is in Florida for a month. A month. Can you believe that? Well, her older daughter, Molly had her Spring Break from school while Mom was busy working her tail off in Florida so we offered and she accepted the chance to come and play with us from Monday through Friday. I hope she didn’t mind how busy  we were. Usually one would expect a lot of relaxing and lying around and stuff while on your Spring Break from High School. Sorry, Molls. I hope we didn’t run you too ragged.

Anyway, after a very full week of activities (I let them sleep in on Thursday!) we decided to try again to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA before it closes on Monday. I figured if we caught an early train into NY, got on line before the museum opened and showed our membership card, we’d be golden. We made the 8:26 am train from Westport and it wasn’t bad at all. Only 2 stops before we were at Grand Central. I love Express trains! And we were going in at the tail end of the peak hours so the train wasn’t very crowded.

Calla Lilies at the Grand Central Market

We got into the city early enough so that Nick and Molly could get some breakfast. Clare and I had our breakfasts at Cocoa Michelle’s across from the Westport train station but Molly and Nick didn’t like their hot chocolates. Go figure. Teenagers. I added some of Nick’s hot chocolate to my cappuccino and it was yummy.

We walked at a leisurely pace to the MOMA and got there about 15 minutes before the doors opened. As I anticipated, there was a line forming for tickets. Just in case, I asked the docent where the membership line was and he told us to just go right on in. Cool. No line for members. I’m liking that already. We checked in at the membership desk and then headed over to the elevator (there was a line there but it wasn’t bad) to wait for the Tim Burton exhibit to open.

Our membership status allowed us to walk right into the exhibit. Totally, totally cool as all the shows were sold out well in advance. It was a bit crowded but not so bad that I couldn’t get to see everything if I was patient. The gallery was chock full of Tim Burton’s dark and twisty, funny writings, illustrations, video shorts, costumes, character studies and models. Unfortunately there was NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED. Bummer. There was almost too much in the exhibit to really absorb. I spent a lot of time reading and looking at everything at the beginning of the exhibit but 3/4s of the way through sensory overload hit big time. Oy. By the time we were done looking at everything I was tired. But it was still early in the day and I wanted to get a glance at the Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit that had recently opened. Really what I wanted was a cup of coffee and a place to sit for a bit to recharge my batteries. But that would have required more walking and the Cartier Bresson was right in front of me. I figured that if the kids would let me, I’d take a quick look at the photographs and plan to come back again for another visit and spend more time. After all, we are members now.

The Artist is Present

Like the Tim Burton exhibit, there was no photography allowed in the Bresson exhibit. As we were walking towards the gallery I noticed that we were overlooking the museum’s large Atrium and so I glanced down to see what was going on there. In the middle of the Atrium floor was a woman sitting on a chair in front of a table.  Facing her on the other side of the table was another chair (which was at the moment I glanced down, sitting empty.) The woman sat motionless and then the man in the picture above approached her and sat in the chair facing her. I asked the museum docent to explain what I was seeing and he told me that the woman in red is Mariana Abromovic, an artist who’s work is on display in one of the museum’s galleries. Here’s an interesting article that was published in the New York Times after her apparently eventful opening.

As part of her exhibit, Ms. Abromovic would sit in her chair and allow anyone who wanted to sit across from her and be part of her performance art. No talking, no touching, just looking. For as long as the person wanted to stay. The whole thing is being broadcast over the internet. If you are interested here’s the link to Mariana Abromovic’s exhibit page which explains everything a little bit more.

Mariana Abromovic at the MOMA

We watched the performance art for a few minutes and then I browsed through the Bresson exhibit while the kids sat and waited. I could have stayed and seen more but that was all the museum the kids could handle for the day. We left and headed for lunch at Ellen’s Stardust.

The Teens

Getting a picture of a camera shy teen is hard to do. Getting a picture of two camera shy teens at the same time is near impossible. So, I don’t have a picture of Molls and Nick where both of them are in focus at the same time. This one will have to do.

The Waitress Sings

After lunch we decided to head up to Central Park and maybe fit in a short visit in at the Zoo.

Clare and Balto

The park was the perfect place to be on a glorious spring day in NYC.


People were everywhere, walking, biking, skating and sitting in the sun.

Park Bench

If I lived in NY I think I would have to live near Central Park. I’d go there every day.

Central Park Carousel

Our walk through the park brought us right to the Carousel. The Central Park Carousel is one of the biggest and fastest I’ve ever been on. The horses are huge and when Clare was small it was almost too fast for her. Of course, the teens were too cool to ride the Carousel. Too bad for them. Clare and I had a blast but the teens maintained their cool.

The Light at the End

We walked a bit more and finally found the zoo. I knew we didn’t have much time and hesitated before laying out the admission but there we were in the Park with the Zoo right in front of us so how could we not go in.

Toucan play at this game.

We saw some amazing birds in the Rain Forest exhibit as we blew through most of the zoo at break neck speed. Clare had plans to go to her first dance with her BFF and we had to make a 4 o’clock train in order to get Molly home and Clare ready to be picked up for her big night.

We saw what we could see in the time we had to spend in the zoo and then we headed out of the park and towards Grand Central Station.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Clare insists this is an Oompa Loompa but I think it’s Johnny Depp dipped in green.

The Ego and the Id

Here’s Clare taking a rest on a sculpture we passed as we walked out of the park and onto Fifth Avenue. The rest of the journey was uneventful. We stopped for cupcakes and lemonade at a Crumbs Bakeshop we passed on Madison Ave. Then, walking as fast as my blistered feet could carry me, I led everyone back to Grand Central with just enough time to hit the bathrooms and catch the 4:12 train to Westport. Note to self: don’t take this train again. It’s a local. Oh well.

We arrived at the Westport station only 15 minutes behind the schedule I had made for myself in order to get home with enough time for Clare to chill a bit before getting ready for her big night.

All dolled up and ready to go

Doesn’t she look lovely? Daddy took this picture but I added my watermark out of habit. Hope he doesn’t mind. Anyway, Clare called after the dance (she’s staying at her friend’s house for the rest of the weekend) and said she danced til her feet hurt and sang til her throat was sore. Sounds to me like she had a great time.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. What a nice surprise when I saw your comment on my blog today. So sorry to hear about your knee. Is it limiting your riding as well? I am so behind on my 365 post. I was much better last year. I haven’t missed a day of pictures but posting them gets put on the back burner lately. Work keeps me really busy, as well as all the stuff around here and all the critters. Oh, and running. I still surprise myself on that one. Can’t believe I actually run 3 miles, 3 days a week. The Couch to 5K works! I love your pictures of Central Park. Especially the tunnel. Have a wonderful day!

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