photo of the day (i heart collages)

I’m popping in to add an entry to the weekly “i ♥ faces” photo contest. This week’s theme is collages and here’s mine. It’s filled with all sorts of kitten cuteness. These are last spring’s kittens. There are two new litters at the barn right now but I haven’t seen them yet. The momma kitties are pretty skittish about visitors so I am waiting until the kittens are a little older before I take my camera over there for a photo shoot. Our kitten, Cookie Dough is the calico in the center. She’s a big girl now. I can’t believe how little she was back then. I love barn kitties, don’t you?

Take some time (there are lots of entries over at the i heart faces website) and enjoy looking through the lovely collages that people have posted for this contest. It is amazing how much talent is out there. Gosh, if only I had all the time in the world to just look at posts and comment about how breathtakingly beautiful they all are. Inspiring.

~ by photobella on 20 April, 2010.

3 Responses to “photo of the day (i heart collages)”

  1. Too cute! Gotta love kittens!

  2. this is so cute…I love kittens – great collage!

  3. Thank you Susan! I’m really enjoying i heart faces, isn’t it great? Portraits are far and away my favorite (well, ok, I want a macro lens too, but that’s for later)! Keep coming to my blog, I definitely need the help.

    I, as always, am an avid follower of yours, you’ve inspired me to do the Project 365;-)

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