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The day started out as most Wednesdays do, with the usual scramble to make sure I have everything I need put together and ready to go for our  homeschool coop at Great Hollow. I put the finishing touches on my lesson for photography class, made sure my files were all on my laptop and all my links were bookmarked. I gathered computer cables and cords. Then I woke up Clare and made sure she had everything she needs (what do you mean you have homework you didn’t do?) and we were out the door just in time to not be horribly late.

It was my day to prepare lunch along with Ananda. She and I were the only ones who preferred to take our lunch duty as a team instead of going it alone and getting our obligation over with in one meal. So while we both have another lunch day to look forward to, Ananda and I worked together and that took a little of the pressure off and made for a much more pleasant and relaxed meal prep. This time, I played the supporting role with the easy stuff like salad, bread and dessert while Ananda prepared the main course. Next time we switch roles.

I started lunch prep the minute we walked in the door. My photo class is the period just before lunch and I wanted everything ready to go so I could focus on my class and not have to run back and forth into the kitchen. I only have 3 children in my class this time and they are a younger group than I had been teaching. They are surprising me with their understanding and willingness to try things out and experiment with their cameras. It’s fun trying to come up with lessons that will both teach and challenge their creativity. Last week’s lesson was about camera settings. I find that even I get lazy enough to forget to take the darn camera off of Program mode. Sometimes, the only reason I do is because my Macro lens is an older lens and I need to set the camera on Aperture or Manual to use it. I figured that if the kids got started early learning about what the different settings on the camera were for, they would be more likely to use them and not turn into adults who always took pictures with the camera set on Auto. From the work they have been submitting for each class, it looks like we are off to a great start.

After my class was finished and lunch was over there wasn’t much I had to do until Coop was over. I sat out in the sun and knitted with some of the other moms and watched and listened to the comings and goings of all the kids, parents and coop teachers. A homeschool coop is an exuberant experience so unlike any school setting I’ve ever been in. But it’s also noisy and busy and full of energy and I find that I’m really tired after a coop day, even if all I’ve done is teach one class.

When Clare and I got home after a brief stop to visit Lynn and Farmer John at Holbrook Farm, I resisted the urge plunk down for a nap in the chair in the corner of my bedroom that gets the late afternoon sun and instead, gathered up the dog and headed for a walk in Putnam Park. It wasn’t until I got to the Park that I realized just how much energy and noise I had absorbed during the day at Coop. Looby and I pretty much had the park to ourselves. If there was anyone else there, we didn’t run into them. So I focused on the sounds of the water in the full creeks running towards their ponds. I listened to the sounds of birds all around me in the trees overhead.

I watched two enormous turkey vultures swooping around through the sky above me. I noticed all the buds and blossoms growing in the woods around me. I smelled the air filled with the scent of green things growing in rich, moist soil. While most days my park walk is for the exercise, today it was for the experience. I came home feeling like I had rediscovered my quiet place. Lucky for me, the experience stayed with me for the rest of the evening. It resonated while I made dinner — burgers on the grill for the kids, ramps in eggs for me. It stayed with me while I watched the last episode of Ugly Betty. And hopefully,  it will fill my dreams while I sleep.

~ by photobella on 14 April, 2010.

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