photo of the day (i heart desserts!)

I’m taking a break from my regular blog routine to enter a shot of cupcake goodness into the “i ♥ faces” dessert photo competition. I put together a flickr set of just desserts so I could select which photo to enter and after looking through all my sweet shots I was drooling!  I think I may need to bake and soon!

I’m so very excited to see that Bakerella (i ♥ Bakerella!) is the judge of this particular contest. I have Bakerella’s blog on my Google Reader.

Thank you to Jane Brocket, author of many books including The Gentle Art of Domesticity, who taught me that cupcakes are worthy of a photograph or two.

click the camera for more info about the contest

~ by photobella on 13 April, 2010.

8 Responses to “photo of the day (i heart desserts!)”

  1. cute cupcakes, the blue frosting really pops in the picture!

  2. love the colors!!

  3. The colors here are splendid!!

  4. I LOVE cupcakes! Beautiful presentation!

  5. Amazing colors! Beautiful!

  6. Another chica here who loves the colors!

  7. This picture just makes me happy. 🙂

  8. Wonderful, spectacular COLOR!

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