photo of the day (i’m back!)

No, I haven’t been traveling. I wish that I could say I was and use that as the excuse for not having posted in (oh, my gosh, has it been that long?) almost a month. How the heck did that happen? Well, it did and I’m hanging my head in shame. And while I have plenty of pictures from that time period, I don’t think I can catch you all up on all our comings and goings. Let’s just suffice it to say: “stuff happened.”  The Winter ended and Spring sprung. There were walks in the park and by the lake. There were riding lessons and time at the barn. Friends came over and meals were shared. Life’s been good. Time to move on.

Yesterday, Nick and I took the train into the City. I live in Southern Connecticut and from here, “the City” is New York. Nick has a friend who lives in the City part of the time and he invited Nick to stay with him for a few days. Nick is more excited to get to see his friend while I’m totally jealous that he gets to spend 3 days in Manhattan, a detail which is (almost) totally lost on my son. Does he not know what an opportunity he has? He’s in New York, for goodness sake!

Anyway, the plan was to head into NY and go the the MOMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit that I waited way too long to see. Nick’s friend was going to meet us there, see the exhibit and then he and Nick were going to head to his apartment and I would go my merry way back to Connecticut. Don’t you think for a minute if I had a clean pair of underwear stashed in my purse that I wouldn’t have looked for a way to stay over myself? Ok, that’s my fantasy and I’m sticking with it.

Nick and I arrived at Grand Central just in time to be really hungry for lunch. I would have been fine with grabbing a bite at the Food Concourse and then heading for the MOMA, or even to have paid tons of money for a bite at the museum in one of their pricey (but nice) restaurants but Nick had his heart set on a burger at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. We’ve been there many times before and it’s (obviously) one of our favorite places to eat when we are in the City. So we headed out of Grand Central and towards the restaurant. Now I know that NY is a huge melting pot and that you can see all sorts of people and sights while you are there but it was appearing to me that on the Midtown Manhattan streets there was an unusually large number of Men in Kilts. Seriously, I was trying to remember if I’d ever been in NY and seen as many pairs of knee socks and tartans as we were spotting on our short walk uptown.

As we turned up 45st Street to head West over to Broadway, the street was filled with men, women and dogs in all manner of Tartan. And most of them were carrying bagpipes. Which is when it hit me (yes, it takes me a while, I admit.) We had stumbled on a Parade.

Turns out, it was the annual Tartan Day Parade. Being that there isn’t an ounce (that I know of, anyway) of Scottish blood in my veins, I had no idea that such a celebration even existed. But it was FABULOUS! I want to be Scottish, too! Those men in kilts are GORGEOUS! YUMMY! MANLY!

I’d better stop right here.

Nick and I hung around as long as our rumbly tummies would let us before we continued our trek to Ellen’s and some lunch. We had other plans and the parade just wasn’t on the list.

If you haven’t been to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, you should try and get there. The waiters and waitresses are all aspiring Broadway actors and in between bringing you great Diner food, they belt it out to beat the band. The decor is 50s Diner and the menu is full of  the old standards ( you have eaten at a diner, haven’t you?) Here is Nick having an Egg Cream (note the old Seltzer bottle that completely dates me because I can remember when that’s the only way you got seltzer, not those pathetic plastic bottles from the store. The Seltzer man delivered seltzer to our door and picked up the empties. According to our waiter, there’s only one “Seltzer Guy” left and he is in Hoboken, NJ.)

After lunch, Nick and I headed back to the MOMA to meet up with his friend and see the Tim Burton exhibit but sadly, that was not to be. It’s been a long time since I was a jaded New Yawker, working in Midtown and complaining about the tourists. But it seems that it’s Spring break week in many places and so all the showings were sold out. I knew that before we left the house in the morning but I figured, what the heck, I’d spring for a membership and just waltz right in. Well, about a million other people had that idea, too. The membership line was incredibly long and so I decided to try again another time. The boys didn’t mind so much because they really just wanted to be together and get their visit going. I walked over to the apartment with them, had a cup of amazing coffee with Nick’s friend’s Mom, kissed my boy goodbye and left to enjoy the rest of the day in the city by myself.

I walked down 6th Ave. and headed towards Central Park. I watched the crowds (tourists, I’m sure) in front of the Plaza and milling about on 59th and Fifth Ave.

The city seems to be on it’s best behavior in the Spring and it’s easy to fall in love with NY when the weather is mild and the sun is shining. I could almost forget Paris. Ok, not really, but close.

I wandered down Fifth Avenue and window shopped and took pictures.

I wove my way through the crowds and remembered what it felt like to live in the City. I miss it. It’s exciting and noisy and smelly and busy and frantic and it makes me feel alive.

I ended up at Rockefeller Plaza and took pictures of the sunlight on the statues and marveled at the beauty of the architecture.

I spent a bit of time working at 30 Rock and been there so many times before, yet there is still so much beauty to discover.

It wasn’t until I posted these images on Flickr that I found out who created them and what they are called.

I was surprised to find that there was still ice skating at the famous rink.

I browsed through some of the shops at the Plaza and then, when I realized my feet were giving out from all the walking, I headed towards Grand Central and the train back to Connecticut.

I picked up dinner at the Concourse to eat on the train and enjoyed the scenery as we headed back to the country. I like living where I live and can’t imagine life without my garden or my riding. But I don’t think I will stay here for the rest of my life. I am going to have to go back and live in the city before I die.

~ by photobella on 11 April, 2010.

One Response to “photo of the day (i’m back!)”

  1. Just fabulous photos. worth the wait!

    Hey, can I come live with you in Manhattan? That was always my dream to live in the city.

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