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Another day that hinted of Spring. But I am not to be fooled. After all, this is New England and it is only the second week of March. That whole “coming in like a lion” thing that March is supposed to do? Well, in my experience, March appears all lamblike and promising and gets you feeling like winter could be over and then just when you have your guard down, it get’s cold and there’s one last snow storm. I’ll have to check out the last couple of year’s entries and see if I’m right. I do remember that it snowed, not much but still real snow, on the first day of Spring here.

I’m still enjoying the weather and not having to get all bundled up to go outside. I took the dog to the dog park yesterday while Clare was in her musical theater class and it was pleasant to be out in the sun with only the sweater I just finished knitting for myself. The snow is mostly gone and and it’s uncovering the mud below. That’s the downside to the dog park in the spring. Next to the barn, it’s the muddiest place on the planet. But the dogs love it. I would have had some lovely pictures of happy, wet and muddy dogs from our frolic in the park but I was not paying attention and I tried to push my camera batteries limits just a little too far.

All I’ve got to show for the day is this picture of the kitty in the late afternoon sun that fills my bedroom and warms up my chair, the one that I asked for as a Christmas present.

When the husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, all I could think of  was that I wanted a chair (ok, not really, another trip to Paris would work just as well.) “Ok, let’s look at an Eames chair,” he said. “No, not a modern chair,” I told him. “I want a big overstuffed upholstered chair with an ottoman so I can sit in the corner of our room and watch the Food Network on tv while I knit. I want a place I can read and nap and be alone. I want to enjoy the afternoon sun that comes into our bedroom.” After a bit of looking around and deciding that I didn’t want to spend a fortune, I found this chair in the IKEA catalogue (in Byvik Multi, if you are interested.) It completely fits the bill. It’s stuffed, upholstered with cabbage roses, and comfy. I also found an ottoman with storage so I can stash my knitting. And both were not so expensive as to rule out another trip to Paris (well, I can dream, can’t I?)

I get to do everything I wanted to in my new chair — the knitting, the napping and the dreaming. The husband has taken over the front room with the deep blue walls, Nick has the upstairs playroom as his hidey-hole and Clare retreats to her room and the large brass bed that once belonged to my parents. We all know that everyone needs their own spot. Now I have mine.

~ by photobella on 8 March, 2010.

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