photo of the day (i am)

Just because I’m American
Doesn’t mean I’m fat,
Doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Just because I’m American
Doesn’t mean I’m hated,
Doesn’t mean I don’t go outside.

Just because I’m American
Doesn’t mean I run on Dunkin,
Doesn’t mean I go to school.

Just because I’m American,
Does it matter what I am?
Does it matter what I believe in?

I am American and try to live with it.

Nick, March 7, 2010

We found out about Youth Sunday at our UU Church as we do with most events — at the last minute. But Nick agreed to participate and we arrived about a half hour early so he could join his friends and prepare for the service. I had no idea what to expect so I found a seat and waited for the service to start.

The Youth Group is made up of high school age kids, many of whom have graduated from the OWL and the Coming of Age programs offered by the Church. While the RE program up until that point is led by adults with a specific curriculum to follow, the members of the Youth Group determine the course of their activities. Adult volunteers participate as chaperons and provide feedback and guidance.

My favorite part of the service was when several members of the group read their “I Am” statements — poems they had written as an expression of who they are. I sat in awe listening to the words of these amazing teens. I wondered what Nick’s statement would be like. Did I even have a clue what his “I am” statement would sound like?  Was I ready to hear it? The others’ words had seemed so personal and articulate. Nick was the next to last person to read his statement of “I Am.” He got up and read his statement with confidence. If I may say so myself, he got one of the bigger reactions from the congregation. But that’s Nick. I don’t think he has a clue how much of an effect he has on others. You have already read his words at the top of this post. Now, I’m his mother (and his homeschool teacher) and I was impressed and proud. Let me know what you think.

~ by photobella on 7 March, 2010.

One Response to “photo of the day (i am)”

  1. I think it’s brilliant. It gave me goosebumps and just the perfect dose of eye opening discomfort. Poignant and articulate. Thanks for sharing.

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