photo of the day

We had coop today and usually Great Hollow is an unlimited source of photographs just begging to be taken. Not today. Today everything was gray and flat and very uninteresting. It was late when we got home but I really wanted to take at least one photo before the day was over, so I took out some of the antique quilt squares that I found the last time I was at my parent’s house in New Jersey and laid them out on my bed. That proved very interesting to the cat, who came over to check out the action. Cats are so very curious.

The cat, believing that the quilt squares were brought out for her own amusement, made the task of shooting them difficult so I put the quilt squares back in their bag and got down the floor.  I started taking pictures of the books stacked up next to the night table on my side of the bed (for a family with so many books, we have few book cases.) As I was lying on my bedroom floor taking pictures, the dog appeared in the doorway to see just what I was doing, lying on my belly on the dusty bedroom floor.

I shot this picture of his paws coming towards me to give me a sniff and a kiss or two. Then it was time to get up and make dinner.

~ by photobella on 3 March, 2010.

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