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When my now 15 year old son was just a wee tyke, one of our favorite books was Chris Raschka’s Charlie Parker Plays Bebop. It’s so much fun to read. The rhyme just rolls off your tongue in a wonderful word-picture-sound kind of way. It’s filled with fanciful images and words that feel good on your tongue. “Be bop. Fisk fisk. Boomba, boomba.” The pages are filled with walking lollipops, chickadees, musical notes and a black cat.

I can tell by his illustrations that Chris Raschka has a cat. He got the expression down to a tee. Now whenever I look at my cat doing something completely ridiculous with her “why are you looking at me like that? I do not look silly at all” look on her face, I think of  Chris’s book.  “Charlie Parker played be bop. Charlie Parker played saxophone. The music sounded like be bop. Never leave your cat alone.”

If you love children’s books as much as I do, you’ll want a copy of this in your library. Your kids (and maybe even your cat) will love you for it.

~ by photobella on 23 February, 2010.

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