photo of the day (ok, it snowed)

I must have been feeling rather cocky and sure of myself, thinking we were going to skate through this winter with nary a snowstorm in sight. So far this winter, most of the storms have come up from the South and blasted parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states unused to large quantities of the white stuff. But snow was in the forecast for the Northern parts and this time it looked like we weren’t going to dodge the worst of it.

So we hunkered down inside and watched the white stuff fall from the sky. Then, we decided to make the best of it so we bundled up and trudged outside.

There was a time when my kids were as happy as my dog to be out frolicking in the snow. We would sled until our noses were frozen, our toes were numb and we were too tired and wet to move. These days I am finding All Sorts of Excuses not to trudge up and down the sledding hill. My snow pants don’t fit me anymore (hmm, can this have anything to do with the fact that I’m not outside sledding?) my orthopedist told me not to go up steep inclines (just how is it that I even have my own orthopedist? Isn’t that something only old people have?) and the one I rely on the most. It’s just too darn cold. Sadly, if I don’t go outside to play, my kids don’t seem motivated to go outside either. Just why is it that Mommy needs to go, too? I’m flattered that my company can make so much of a difference, but still.

The kids tried some sledding down the hill but the sleds didn’t work well after spending most of the winter buried under the snowpile created when the driveway gets plowed. They were icy on the bottoms which created drag and drag does not make for fast sledding. At all. As I mentioned before, my knee and I were advised not to be climbing too many hills, so I watched from a distance as they tried and then gave up. Clare and I worked on a snow creature that was supposed to be a German Shepard but ended up looking more like a pig and then morphed into some kind of cow creature.

Nick made snowballs and threw them for the dog. The kids bitched and moaned at each other so when I was cold enough and wet enough and tired enough of being their referee, I went inside and they followed close behind. I warmed my backside in front of the fireplace and the kids retreated into neutral corners.

It isn’t the same as when they were younger. They fight more and play less and that makes me a bit sad. I don’t think I can change the course that they are taking as they get older and grow up and away from me and each other. But we did spend some time in the fresh air, in the woods, in the snow and that, in itself, was good.

~ by photobella on 16 February, 2010.

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