photo of the day (my parent’s house)

Just what are the things that define our lives and determine who we are?

While visiting my parents’ house I  wandered from room to room trying to capture some memories in pictures.

What we surround ourselves with helps tell our stories and I was looking to tell a little bit of the story that is my Mom and Dad.

Pictures are only a piece of the story. The rest I hold in my head and in my heart.

The sounds and the smells will stay with me forever.

Imagine that there is music playing in the background and you will know my dad is there.

My dad will live in every show tune, folk song and classical piece I hear.

When my mother goes to heaven she will knit and make quilts.

My dad will still be writing poetry.

In my heaven, I’ll probably be taking pictures. (Is there a heaven for bloggers?)

I will tell this story to my kids one day. I’m sure they’ll tell it to theirs.

Then their grandmother who quilts and knits, their grandfather who loves music so dearly and has a way with words and their mother who takes pictures and tells stories will live forever.

~ by photobella on 15 February, 2010.

One Response to “photo of the day (my parent’s house)”

  1. Loved this post and photos wonderful as usual!

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