photo of the day (i think i’ve figured it out)

I think I’ve finally figured it out. This whole “why I haven’t been blogging” thing, I mean. You see, I’ve been lazy. By lazy I don’t mean that I am sitting around, too drowsy to reach the keyboard and type my thoughts. What I mean is I’ve gotten lazy with my creativity. And that, my friends, is even worse.

It’s as if the synapses of my brain have turned to Autofocus. No matter how beautiful the light, how magical the scene, how soft or vivid the colors, I am set on Program mode and all my pictures are coming out the same. Boring. Flat. Every little thing in focus. Even the stuff that shouldn’t be. You see, when every little thing is in focus it’s hard to tell just what you’re supposed to focus on.

When my photography is flat and boring, my writing is flat and boring as well. If all that is flat and boring, you can only imagine what’s happening with my life.

Please tell me that it’s just the winter doldrums and it will pass.

Just so you know, I am not taking this lying down. I knew there was something I had to do in order to change the way I was seeing. It took a series of posts from a blog I’m reading to make me realize what I had to do. Many thanks to The Pioneer Woman for this post that inspired me to take that darned Auto focus Zoom lens off my camera and put on a fixed focal length Macro. My Macro lens does not allow me to shoot in Program mode nor does it Auto focus. My Macro lens does not zoom magically from 18 to 2oo, allowing me to sit on my duff and take my pictures from where ever I happen to be.  It forces me to move in order to get a decent picture. Which forces me to work a little harder to get a decent picture. I haven’t been working hard at all. Just pointing and shooting and hoping for the best.

That’s just not how I want to live my life.

So stay tuned. Cause changes are in the air. Hopefully soon. And you all will be the first to know.

~ by photobella on 12 February, 2010.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (i think i’ve figured it out)”

  1. Loved this post. I am in the same creativity rut. Just baking, which IMO is following directions. And reading a ton. No knitting, barely any photography. Barely blogging.

    I think our cats are related. The eyes came out fantastic. I’m having trouble capturing my cat’s eyes in photography as you have. Great photo, love the light on the fur. Amazing.

    • Thanks, Christine. I was pretty pleased with it myself. We got our kitty at Holbrook Farm. Do you have one of Farmer John’s kitties? I have to admit to a little PS magic. I took out all the color except for the eyes. I bumped up the vibrance a bit but the rest was the light.

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