photo of the day (been in a blogging funk)

I must apologize because I’ve been in a serious blogging funk lately. Which is kind of ironic as one of the classes I am teaching at our homeschool coop this session is (can you guess?) creative blogging. I’ve been reading books and magazines about blogging, perusing many websites about blogging, getting inspiration from other blogs. I’ve been doing everything except blogging. This has been more than a bit frustrating. It seems my muse (whatever or whoever that may be) had left the building.

Despite the fact that I’ve been feeling as grey and barren as the landscape outside, I pressed on. There are children at coop who are counting on me to have some semblance of creativity and inspiration. At least a spark of it. And so I talked to my blogging class about blog writing — is it a form of writing that will change how we teach writing in the future? How does one find their unique voice and communicate well on a blog? Teaching about blogging can be a challenge when I only have questions about my own blogging process.

I thought I had it more together when it came time to teach my photo class. I had a good (although recycled ) lesson about taking pictures of pets and animals. My extra monitor wasn’t working and we had to view the kids’ images on my laptop but I didn’t let the technical difficulties get me down. We talked about our next assignment and looked at examples of pictures of pets. I went through my “How to take Great Pet Pictures” speech. Then I realized that we had almost half an hour left to the lesson that I hadn’t planned on. Usually I like to review the previous week’s work so everyone can see how their classmates handled the assignment. Then we talk about the next week’s subject. Finally, we practice a bit. But I forgot that while I was talking about taking pictures cute and cuddly animals, there were none available to shoot. I ran into the office to see if the director might bring her cute as a button puppy over for a quick photo session but she declined. What to do?

I did the best thing I could think of at the moment. We gathered our coats and put on our shoes and went outside for a quick photo walk. After all, the chance to go out and take pictures is all many of the kids need to have a good time.

It seemed it was a good idea for me as well.

It was cold and we were all happy to head inside when the class ended but I think we all had fun and got some decent pictures, too. Sometimes you have to step outside of your own expectations. It seems I was looking for my creativity in one direction and all it took for me to find it was to turn around.

~ by photobella on 27 January, 2010.

2 Responses to “photo of the day (been in a blogging funk)”

  1. I am in a blogging funk too. But I started my Advanced Photo class on Tuesday so I hope that inspiration will hit soon!!

  2. Love your post. Miss your blog posts. I know what you mean though. Last year I had a great rhythm going where I’d write and prep the blog post and set it to auto-publish in the future. Sometimes this was done 2 weeks in advance. Always done for when I was going out of town. That way the blog had new content and I “had the day off”. But then timely posts didn’t happen, no reaction to current events or photos of weather of the day. But it was restful for me. In a few days my blog will be 5 years old and I needed some kind of break. At some points I considered stopping the blogging as sometimes it felt like pressure to publish–not good–as the writing or photos or whatever then felt forced.

    I bet your class is fantastic!

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