photoless photo of the day (yes, today I forgot my camera)

I’m writing this post despite the fact (as you may have noticed) there is no picture. That’s right. No picture for this “Photo of the day” post. I only have myself to blame because in my haste to get out the door and get Zephyr to the train I somehow managed to leave without my camera. Quelles horreurs! Just to spite me, the day was beautiful and the light was perfect. The inside of the Westport train station was cozy and clean and even a bit retro and oh my, how I wish I had my camera with me. Then you would have seen the picture of the feet of 2 women sitting on a bench, with their legs crossed in unison, wearing the de rigeur black pants and black boots. It was the perfect shot, really. It was.  You would have seen a picture of the waiting room that looked a bit like a step back in time, despite the large screen tv on the wall and the signs announcing “Westport WiFi.” . I could have captured what I saw and maybe you would have felt what I felt. But no camera. I even left my cell phone with it’s 8.1 megapixel camera in the car. Just what the heck was I thinking.

I’ll tell you what I was thinking. Two things: one was that I’m never leaving the house without a camera of some shape or kind ever again and the other, that I need to come back on a sunny morning and take pictures at the Westport train station.

It got worse as the day progressed. After getting our charge safely on the 11:33 am to Grand Central, Clare  and I went across the street to Cocoa Michelle’s for some sustenance before riding and I didn’t have a camera for that either. Of course, a return trip is planned for there as well. Clare had a hot chocolate and I had a coffee and we both munched on candied orange slices dipped in chocolate. Bright orange and dark brown; bitter and sweet at the same time. A perfect mix of flavors and textures.

Then it was on to the barn where the sun was shining and the ground was muddy and earthy smelling from the melting snow. Everyone, including the horses, seemed to be enjoying the milder weather. Everything looked lovely and promising in the warm light.

We rode, and while my lesson wasn’t the smoothest, I was riding and that is all that matters to me. Oso had a neck stretcher on and that threw both of us. It made his head and the reins feel completely different. I think the fact that I couldn’t figure out what I was doing then made him unhappy so it was a bit of an unorganized ride. Oh well. At least I’m getting better at tacking him up. Clare had been hoping that my lack of camera apparatus meant that we would leave as soon as lessons were over, but I can never just ride and leave the barn when there are so many horses to be visited and petted.

There was a brief time when we were home and I got to have a late lunch and take a quick nap in my chair before heading out again to take Clare to choir rehearsal. You would think that I would have learned my lesson for the day, but again, I left the house sans camera. I realized that as we passed by the reservoir at the bottom of the hill and saw the sun shining it’s warm, pink light on the trees at the far end of the water . We wouldn’t have had time to stop and take that picture anyway; the bare trees in the distance lit up in shades of pink and orange. But I filed it away along with many of the other scenes I passed today as places I need to come back and shoot.

I sat and chatted with another choir mom and knitted while our daughters sang and then it was dark and time to go home. Dinner (after being so good and eating at the table every night this week so far) was pasta on the couch in front of the tv.

A completely normal and not out of the ordinary Thursday. But unlike the rest of them, this one went completely un-photographed. But not un-recorded and hopefully, not forgotten.

~ by photobella on 21 January, 2010.

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