photo of the day (it’s the feast of epiphany. why is the tree still up?)

Mommy, I know the Christmas decorations are pretty and all, but isn’t it time to put them away? I mean, if you leave them out any longer I just might get myself into a little bit of mischief.

This one’s my favorite. It’s small and in the perfect spot for me to play with inspect these lovely little sparkly ornaments. Hmm. It even smells real.

What’s this little dangly thing here? Maybe I ought to give it a taste and see if it’s food.

Nah, not food. But still fun to chew on. And there are so many more to chose from. Are you sure leaving this tree here was a good idea? I mean, thanks and all that, but you really might want to consider putting it away until next year. I’m only a kitten with hardly any self control and if you leave it up much longer, there may not be any pretties left on it for next year. Just sayin’.

~ by photobella on 6 January, 2010.

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