photo of the day (my boy turns 15)

We had a simple celebration at home to mark the passage of my son from his fourteenth year into his fifteenth. Just a favorite meal, some chocolate cupcakes, a card and a present. He is focused, as are all children on the path to adulthood, on his race to grow up and to get there as fast as he can. He has already uttered (much to my dismay) the words, “driver’s license” and “car” and somehow when I heard them as I was overhearing a phone conversation he was having with his Grandpa, I shuddered at the thought.

“He’s ready for his own car,” my Dad declared when they had finished their conversation and I got on the phone. “No, he’s not,” I said, realizing all the while that I’m the one who is not ready. After all, this 5’9″ person who is starting to shave was my baby just the other day. I think I need more time to get used to all this. It’s been a very fast 15 years.

Happy Birthday, Nick. Grow fast. Grow strong. Grow wise.

~ by photobella on 5 January, 2010.

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