photo of the day (there was a little man)

This is a picture of the little man who lives in my car. He didn’t always live in my car (or maybe he did and I just didn’t know it.) That spot (and I’m sure there is a technical term for this but if there is, I don’t know it) used to be the place where the car would tell me what gear I was in, so I knew if I was in Park, Drive, Neutral or reverse. But the electrical system in my dash hasn’t been working for a long time. At first, there were just some missing lights that would form words or numbers in that spot. But one day I got into my car, turning it on, and there was a smiley face. Really, he was smiling. I would have taken a picture of that but I guess today the little man is not all that happy. His expression changes from time to time and even varies as I change gears.

I know, it’s kind of odd. But strangely fun at the same time. I could spend about a grand or so to have the entire dashboard replaced but what fun would that be? I’d know at a glance what gear I was in, but the little man would be gone. That would be lonely so I think I’ll leave things be.

~ by photobella on 3 January, 2010.

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