photo of the day (happy new year!)

Happy New Year to everyone out there on my Mom’s computer. It’s me, Looby (the dog, in case you were wondering.) Mom is too tired from all the partying last night to write so I thought I’d take over for her and let you know what a fun evening we had, celebrating the New Year with friends, some old and some new. As usual, there was lots to do before the party. Mom went shopping in the snow and although it was a very slippery, slidey ride to the store, the way home was not as bad. Then, there was lots of cleaning and cooking that lasted all day. The kids helped (well, kind of — Clare did get in trouble for not cleaning the bathroom when she was supposed to or getting off the computer when Mom asked her to.) Cookie and I didn’t do much except watch from the couch. After all, it is a dog’s responsibility to keep his energy up in case there’s an emergency and he needs to save everyone from bad guys.

Of course, as usual, Mom felt a little overwhelmed and yelled a bit but it seemed like when the guests started to arrive, she was feeling a little better. There was lots of food and champagne for the bigger, older humans and sparkling cider for the smaller, younger ones. Most importantly, there were lots of handouts for me, Lili and Cookie, the cat. The kids spent most of their time upstairs and since I needed to guard the food, I really didn’t get a chance to see what they were up to. But they did come down for a while and play on the Wii and it was tons of fun to watch them. Then, Mom and her lady friends took a turn on the Wii. They seemed to have a good time, too. There was lots of laughing and giggling but I wasn’t really paying all that much attention because, remember, I needed to keep an eye on the food.

Mom and the other moms went upstairs for a while and laughed and giggled some more. In fact they laughed and giggled so much, that no one noticed I had gotten stuck under Mom’s bed. Mom heard me, finally, and freed me in time for everyone to go downstairs and watch tv until they all screamed “Happy New Year” to each other, kissed and hugged and drank more champagne and sparkling cider. Then, way past all our bedtimes, the human guests went home and we all crawled into to bed (except for Cookie. I’m just not sure what’s up with that cat. All she does at night is prowl around and watch for mice while us self respecting dogs are fast asleep.) We all went to bed so very late but Mom was still kind enough to wake up early, let us out to pee, give us a few treats and feed the cat before climbing back to bed with me til late in the morning. All that guarding of the humans and the food late into the night had made me just plumb tired so Cookie and I took an extra nap this morning until Mom decided to go upstairs and put some photographs onto her blog for the New Year.

Cookie likes to help Mom while she works on the computer. Here she is inspecting a photograph of me that you can see if you scroll down a post or two. I don’t look too bad if I don’t say so myself. Watching Mom work made Cookie and me tired so Cookie settled in on Mom’s lap while I found a warm place on the couch to rest. The kitchen is not completely clean from last night but Mom says that can wait until tomorrow. She’s thinking of reading a bit or maybe knitting another one of those goofy cupcakes that she’s been making. As for me, I’m always on guard in case of bad guys, but a dog has to keep his strength up so I’m going to find Cookie and take another nap. We hope you all had as much fun celebrating in the New Year as we did. I’m sure Mom will fill her blog with pictures of Cookie and me over this next year, so drop by often.

~ by photobella on 1 January, 2010.

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