photo of the day (boxing day with the family)

I have a blended family. My side of the family is Jewish but it seems that all of us have spouses of other religions (mostly Catholic.) My cousin Eric and his wife are also members of a Unitarian Church. The Christian spouses have dibs on spending Christmas day with their families for whom Christmas is an important day of the year while the rest of us who are mostly along for the ride, get together the day after. And while Boxing Day isn’t an American holiday, it is still Boxing Day in England and so I figure that’s what we must be celebrating.

Half of the family lives in New Jersey and usually we spend Thanksgiving there while Christmas is at my cousin’s house up here in Brewster. It’s so nice to not have to drive to New Jersey. It’s also nice to be able to listen to all the Jersey crew complain about having to drive up to Brewster when I only have a half hour drive from Connecticut.

But we are a family and it’s nice to have the chance to see each other even if we do complain about what we go through in order to be together.

Family, no matter how much we may complain about each other, is a good thing. I hope my kids realize how lucky they are to have each other.

I’m thinking about tomorrow and how ordinary it will be after days of celebrating. I remember that in the Catholic Church when Advent is over and Christmas is done, we return to “ordinary time.” Really, we do. Life is just what it is without the lights and the presents and the cookies. Just ordinary time again.

But, lucky for us, we have this special time of the year to look forward to. A time to be together and if we are lucky and start to get it, we celebrate the opportunity.

Maybe it’s because I’m the age that I am but I am glad that my life has been a series of celebrations and chances to be with these people who are my family. It makes all the “ordinary times” in between much more worth it.

My cousins and I are the age our parents were, now they are the grandparents and we are the parents bringing our children together as our parents brought us together when we were young. I hope my kids appreciate what a gift this is.

I’m grateful that I have a family that makes an effort for us all to be together. I’m looking forward to the New Year and many more years of family celebrations.

But now it’s time for bed. There are more things to celebrate before the holiday officially ends. New Year’s  is coming and Nick’s birthday is close behind. After that, things will quiet down a bit. At least til next year.

~ by photobella on 26 December, 2009.

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