photo of the day (it’s a very unitarian christmas)

Clare was the Angel Gabriel in our annual Christmas pageant and I am so very proud of her. She was the first one on stage and the first to sing. She was a lovely angel.

A tad bit fidgety but very nice for her first big performance. It was a lovely pageant and a lovely way to usher in Christmas Eve. I don’t care what anyone says (even you, Garrison Keillor.) We Unitarians know how to do Christmas. (At least as good as the Lutherans but probably not the Catholics.) And just so you know (yes, Mr. Keillor, I’m talking to you) we sang all the verses to Silent Night and didn’t change the words.

Well, here’s her performance as captured on my cell phone. Hope you enjoy it. (As for you, Mr. Keillor, I hope you drown in a vat of tuna hot dish. There. I said it. My Dad will think it’s heresy to take the name of Garrison Keillor in vain but since I’m a Unitarian and not worried about damnation or anything like that, I think I’ll be ok.)

~ by photobella on 24 December, 2009.

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