photo of the day (now this is snow!)

It started snowing last night around 7:30 or 8 pm (ish.) The weather people had been predicting that it would start at noon. We had a party planned and so we cleaned house and cooked and prepared. We checked the weather frequently and wondered if anyone would come. Some did. Some didn’t. The snow didn’t start until those who ventured over had already arrived. We had a lovely evening: good friends and good food. A winning combination. They stayed until the roads got messy enough to be a concern and then made their way carefully towards home. This is the morning after.v

My dad makes all sorts of excuses about why he lives in New Jersey and not Connecticut, one of which is that here in Connecticut, we get so much more snow than he does. Let the record show that here in the frozen North we got about 8 inches of the white stuff. My dad, safe in the balmy South, got 23 inches. Yes, 23 inches. I know — probably not going to happen again like that but still . . .

I woke up before anyone else and trudged outside to take some pictures of the snow before it warmed up and the dogs trampled the landscape.

There is that brief time when it is still freshly fallen snow and that moment doesn’t last long.

In our house which was built where a very old house once stood, we are close to the road and at times it is very noisy with traffic. The mornings when the roads are snow covered and no one has yet cleared off their cars and ventured out are so very quiet. I love to go outside and hear nothing but the birds in the yard hoping I will deliver some fresh food.

I fill the bird feeder and go back into the house to watch them from the window in front of the fireplace.

Everyone else is waking up and it’s time for more coffee and breakfast. The driveway will get plowed and the cars will be cleaned off but for now, it’s time to be warm and dry inside.

~ by photobella on 20 December, 2009.

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