photo of the day (some shopping and some lights)

Today Clare had rehearsal for her Christmas pageant at church and afterwards, her musical theater class. Our schedule has been seriously compromised by the onset of this holiday season which seems to catch me by surprise no matter how obvious it may seem to the rest of you. So I try very hard to get us to the few activities that remain during the winter months. After I dropped Clare off at class, I thought I’d take advantage of the mild, clear evening and take a few pictures of the holiday lights and maybe even get in a little shopping.

What is it about winter light that makes it disappear so fast? It is glorious for one brief moment and then it is gone and the world is dark and cold.

But in the dark, the Christmas lights sparkle and make magic in the night.

I think the fairies must come out to dance when it’s Christmas.

~ by photobella on 14 December, 2009.

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