photo of the day (wilderness skills graduation)

It is the official last day of the Fall Wilderness Skills session and although there will be extra classes in December for some, others are calling it a day until Spring. Parents were invited to come and share in what our children have learned while they were out in the woods. We met in the parking lot at Great Hollow and began our hike to the campsite. It was longer and more challenging than expected but we all managed to make the trek. On arrival we were greeted by the site of a teepee like shelter that has been the project of the session. But where were our children? Slowly, one by one, they revealed themselves from their hiding places in plain sight.

The shelter is still a work in progress. The goal is to make it last for a very long time and so great care is going into it’s creation. Held together with grapevines softened over fire, there is not a nail in sight. The children have painstakingly built this on their own, with only supervision from their mentors, Broch and Greg, who make sure that everyone stays safe.

These kids are at home out here in the woods and that is as it should be.

They return at the end of the day smelling of burning leaves and wood and the outdoors. They are dirty, tired and happy.

This, along with his COA, is my gift to my son. I hope that he will always have the woods in his soul. Thanks to all at Great Hollow: Ananda, Broch, Greg, Ethan, Melissa and all the others who make this opportunity available and give of themselves so that others can learn and grow. I am blessed that you are part of our “village.”

~ by photobella on 17 November, 2009.

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